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Titre Testing: Make An Informed Decision on Vaccinating your Westie

Unsure whether to give your Westie a booster? Read on to find out more…

Dog Tales

Honey’s Natural Feeding Handbook for Dogs

Love at First Bite

Westies & Besties talks to Christopher Adderley, CEO of Jack Wolf, a family-owned natural pet company, on why his dogs, Jack and Maggie, led him and partner Luiza on the path to feeding thousands of dogs around the United Kingdom.

Kidney Disease – The Silent Killer for Canines

Dr Vince the Vet tells us about this life-changing illness.

Battle of the Bowls

Raw versus kibble – which one is best for your West Highland Terrier?

Rainbow Bridge Memorials

Sponsored ArticleBy Sarah Livingstone ‘With Love and Light’ is my glass memorial business and I am absolutely passionate about it. 

Goodchap’s Launches Pop-Up Shop for Humans and Hounds

If you’ve got some time to spare and some cash to splash why not take a trip and have a

A New Wet Food That’s Better for Pets and the Planet

SPONSORED ARTICLE Healthy, nutritious and made with responsibly sourced ingredients, Burns new wet food is the perfect alternative to natural

Heatstroke and Dehydration: How to Keep your Westie Safe During Summer

Do you know the symptoms of heat stroke and dehydration, and did you know there is a difference? Faye Andrews keeps us in the loop. Find out more…

Pet Theft: Top 10 Tips to Keep your Westie Safe

Pet theft around Britain has increased by 250% since the start of the pandemic, according to the latest reports. What

5 Vegan Products for your Pet

We all want the best for our West Highland Terriers and choosing the best products for our dog’s everyday routine

Collar Versus Harness

If only I had a pound for every time I was asked the question of collar versus harness I would be relaxing on a desert island by now.

Help Heal Westie Skin Issues by Starting with the Gut

West Highland White Terriers tend to be predisposed to numerous health issues, such as skin allergies and intolerances, however, many of these issues can be supported via dietary support.

Urgent Help Needed for Elderly Westie

Misty is currently at the RSPCA Abbey Street The RSPCA at Abbey Street have launched an emergency appeal to help