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New Cancer Test Created for Canines

A new tool has been invented to help detect and monitor the disease

In a significant advancement for veterinary oncology, Cancan Diagnostic is proud to announce the launch of K9-LiquiDX, the first Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) test specifically designed for dogs. This innovative test marks a new era in canine cancer care, offering veterinarians and pet owners a powerful tool for early relapse detection and precision cancer monitoring. Available from March 5, 2024, K9-LiquiDX promises to enhance the management and treatment of cancer in dogs by providing critical insights into the presence of cancer cells that traditional diagnostics may miss.

Developed by leading scientists and veterinary oncologists, K9-LiquiDX utilises advanced molecular diagnostics to detect the minute traces of cancer cells left behind after treatment or surgery. This highly sensitive test is designed to identify the earliest signs of relapse, allowing for timely intervention and tailored treatment strategies. K9-LiquiDX represents a significant leap forward in our ability to monitor the effectiveness of cancer treatments and adjust protocols as needed to improve outcomes for our canine companions.

Benefits of K9-LiquiDX:

Early Relapse Detection: Empowers veterinarians with the ability to detect cancer relapse sooner, even before clinical symptoms develop.

Precision Cancer Monitoring: Provides a detailed understanding of the cancer’s behavior and response to treatment, enabling more personalised and effective management strategies.

Enhanced Treatment Strategies: Facilitates informed decisions regarding treatment adjustments, potentially leading to better outcomes and quality of life for dogs with cancer.

Dr. Maciej Parys, CEO of Cancan Diagnostic, emphasised the impact of this launch, stating, “K9-LiquiDX is more than just a diagnostic test; it has a potential to revolutionise how we monitor dogs with cancer and help them and their families through improvement of their quality of life. By focusing on early relapse detection and precision monitoring, we’re opening new pathways for personalised cancer care in veterinary medicine. This test is a testament to our commitment to pioneering advancements that make a real difference in the lives of pets and their owners.”

K9-LiquiDX will be made available to veterinary practices across the UK starting on March 5, 2024. Cancan Diagnostic is dedicated to supporting veterinarians with training and resources to integrate this new test into their cancer care protocols effectively.

Cancan Diagnostic has been at the forefront of veterinary diagnostic innovation since its inception in 2022. With a focus on developing cutting-edge diagnostic solutions, Cancan Diagnostic aims to improve the lives of pets worldwide by bringing advanced science and technology into veterinary practices. The launch of K9-LiquiDX underscores the company’s leadership in veterinary oncology and its ongoing commitment to enhancing pet healthcare.

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