Canine First Aider Calls for Further Education for Dog Trainers

The Vet Nurse states the importance of vital ongoing learning for pet professionals

The UK’s leading canine first aider has urged other teachers to brush up on their skills after sitting a gruelling refresher course.

Rachel Bean RVN works in practice as a Veterinary nurse and teaches canine first aid around the country – she frequently refreshes her skills to ensure that they are up to date.

This month Rachel, who lives in Grotton, Saddleworth, Greater Manchester, passed the in-depth Recover Guidelines Rescuer Certification, and is urging all Pet Professionals caring for Pets to make sure their CPR training is up to scratch.

With more dog owners in the UK than ever before, canine first aid training is a growing sector, and there are a number of Veterinary Professionals teaching around the country.

And Rachel says that while it is wonderful that more people have access to a course, it is essential that rules are in place for trainers to update their skills regularly.

She said: “The Recover Guidelines Rescuer Certification is really challenging and includes some really stressful elements like a hands-on multi-person resuscitation. It really made me think about my own skills, but also how important it is that as teachers we acknowledge that education never stops.

“I think that every canine first aid tutor should be attending refresher courses at the very least, as it is possible for us all to get rusty. It could be the difference between teaching someone how to save their dog’s life, and not getting it right at all.”

Rachel is a vocal supporter of the national Safe Pets and People campaign, which is calling for all pet professionals such as dog walkers and dog groomers to have to take a first aid course.

But just like those sectors, she is now calling for a standard of excellence among trainers too.

She added: “It is really important that as canine first aid trainers we have high standards, and I would love to see more guidelines in place. This is a wonderful industry full of wonderful people, and it needs to be something that the public can trust.”

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