Pumpkin Pleasures

Surprise your Westie with a Tasty and Healthy Seasonal Treat.


1 cup plain yogurt (or organic goat’s yoghurt) 

1 cup pumpkin puree (use 100% canned pumpkin out of a tin.)

(DO NOT use tinned pumpkin pie as it contains xylitol which is toxic to dogs.)


Mix the pumpkin and the yogurt together

Divide the mixture evenly into an ice-cube tray

Place in the freezer for 24 hours

Give your Westie a tasty treat!

Pumpkin is a very healthy and nutritious treat for your dog. It can help with constipation and diarrhoea as it soothes the stomach as it contains fibre and other essential nutrients. If you have any concerns, contact your Vet for advice before feeding.

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