Where is Our Turmeric From?

The Golden Paste Company (GPCo) is well known for its fantastic range of natural Turmeric supplements, using only the highest quality ingredients to ensure your Westie gets the most from every mouthful.

GPCo ethically source high quality sustainable Turmeric from only organic and experienced farmers. The supplier that GPCo works with in East Java, Indonesia, collaborates with local farmers who have been growing the miracle spice their whole lives. Turmeric grown in these parts of Indonesia is certified organic and is the highest strength you will find anywhere in the world; it is even sold to India due to its higher potency. 

The Turmeric is grown in completely natural conditions with no pesticides, chemicals, or fertilisers. The sustainable process all starts with a baby finger (small part of the turmeric rhizome) which is planted just before the rainy season and is ready to harvest seven months later. It can remain underground for up to two years or longer. The longer it is under the ground, the more fingers that are grown.

Turmeric is the key ingredient in each of the pet supplements on offer from GPCo, all of which can provide multiple benefits to your Westie.

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