Making Mealtimes Easier and Safer for your Westie

The ergonomically designed dog feeder will benefit your dog’s health, posture and wellbeing


The EasyEat has been created in the UK by passionate pet lovers, Callum Saunders and Declan Poole to alleviate the harm that is caused by the unhealthy eating position from traditional and even raised bowls.  Working with numerous vets they have created a beautifully designed raised pet feeder that will enhance your dog’s life and with its aesthetic design, will add style to your home.

The EasyEat’s open, edgeless entry creates a natural feeding position – a straight back and elongated neck with a forward-facing head creating open airways. Opening airways is essential with some breeds as they are prone to suffer with narrow nasal passages and windpipes which can lead to breathing problems.

The EasyEat feeder is currently aimed at small to medium-sized dogs but many breeds whether large or small can havecertain anatomical predispositions and, can indeed experience issues with their backs and posture when eating. This is often due to the height of their food and water dishes. When these bowls are too low, dogs may have to stoop or strain their necks downward to eat, which can put stress on their backs and contribute to poor posture over time. On the other hand, if the bowls are too high, dogs may have to stretch upward to reach their food, which can also strain their backs and necks. Having the right height of feeding bowl is therefore very important.

The inspiration for this design came from one of the creator’s dogs, Benji. He was diagnosed with pug myelopathy about 4-5 years ago and at the age of 7 found himself in a lot of pain, couldn’t really use his back legs and would cry during feeding times as he would be bending down putting pressure on his joints and spine. It was only after experimenting with a plate on a flat surface that Callum and Declan found the correct feeding position which has now been replicated in The EasyEat feeder.

“The EasyEat feeder has an open entry design, with very little depth which is the catalyst to unlocking the health benefits of the product. There is nothing else like it on the market in terms of the technical measurements and design. We have a design patent across the UK, EU and a patent in the USA” says Callum.

“Incorporated in our design are several features such as: built in handles for easy manoeuvrability, over-moulded TPE feet to help stability and protect floors, stacking feature for easy storage, removable inserts to help with a slow feeder option and our ergonomic design which helps cleaning and keeping everything hygienic.  All of this together helps make us truly unique.”

The EasyEat feeder is available in a range of colours, original beige and five pastel colours.

RRP: £39.99-£44.99 depending on finish. A slow feeder extra insert is £19.99.

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