How to Manage your Westie’s Weight on a Freeze-Dried Food Diet from Dr Veneta


Dr Veneta Freeze-dried food is the latest phenomenon in the pet food market. It marries the convenience of a traditional kibble with the nutritional value of a raw diet.  The intricate freeze-drying process safeguards both the nutritional structure and shelf life of the products to create a far-reaching range that supports the ongoing health and wellbeing of your dogs whilst providing them with essential nutrients such as protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is also convenient and easy to use, highly digestible, grain free, is a complete meal, uses human-grade natural ingredients such as raw meat and vegetables and is high in protein. The food is suitable for all sizes and breeds of dogs from six months of age. The kibbles themselves also make excellent dog training treats.

The inspiration behind the brand is Dr Veneta Kozhuharova DVM, MRCVS, Cert.CFHVNut. who is Director of Associated Veterinary Services and also a top pet nutritionist. Dr Veneta has created a food that does not just support the wellbeing of dogs, but also their microbiome which is responsible for so many physiological functions that happen in dogs’ bodies and where 84% of the all-important immune system resides. Each recipe has been designed to tackle ailments seen in an everyday veterinary practice – elderly dogs, anxiety, joint problems, poor digestion and skin irritations. In addition to herbs and superfoods, a “hero” ingredient, Nutritional Yeast which is fermented and gluten free and very palatable to dogs has been added to support and feed a dog’s microbiome. All meat proteins, vegetables and fruits are British and locally sourced supporting local communities.

Dr Veneta is available in four varieties:STAY MOBILE (Chicken Swede & Blueberry) STAY CALM (Turkey, Pear & Apple) STAY SHINY (Turkey, Salmon, Carrot & Blueberry) & STAY YOUNG (Pork, Pumpkin & Pear).

How Dr Veneta is good for weight control

Freeze-dried dog food tends to be more nutrient-dense compared to traditional kibble because it undergoes minimal processing, preserving more of the natural nutrients from the ingredients. This means your dog can get the necessary nutrients with smaller portions, helping to manage their calorie intake.

Lower in carbohydrate content which can help prevent excessive calorie intake.

Higher protein content compared to some traditional kibble brands, which can help your dogs feel fuller for longer and maintains muscle mass while losing weight.

Contains whole, natural ingredients without artificial additives or fillers. This means your dog is getting more nutrition from real food sources and fewer empty calories that can contribute to weight gain.

Since freeze-dried dog food tends to be more nutrient-dense, you may need to feed your dog smaller portions compared to traditional kibble to meet their nutritional needs. This can help control calorie intake and prevent overfeeding, which is crucial for weight management.

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