The Show Must go On for Veterinary Nurse’s Dog

Chilli is becoming a familiar face on UK television

It’s been a bit of a showbiz month for Team Bean, as my dog Chilli, who appeared as Linda Biscuits on Channel 4’s Late Night Lycett was singled for praise when the show won a BAFTA! 

The show won in the best comedy entertainment category, and in a TV reel showing the stand out moments from the award-winning show, Chilli was singled out, in her starring role as Joe’s canine companion and ‘show runner’. 

We always knew that Late Night Lycett had a really good chance of winning the BAFTA, but to see Chilli being singled out for her role was extra special. 

Sadly ‘Linda’ didn’t attend the awards, but we were watching with bated breath in our living room and were over the moon when she appeared in the reel as part of the presentation. Chilli has loved being part of the show, and a huge congratulations to Joe and all the production team for their amazing win.

As part of the last episode, we were asked to take part in a special skit with a number of stars including Radio One’s Greg James, comedians Sarah Millican and Jack Whitehall, Molly King from The Saturdays and even political heavyweight Robert Peston! A really fun way to bow wow out in style. 

As well as my work in practice and training, I run the Vet on Set business, which monitors animal welfare on TV and film productions. And at my canine first aid training sessions Chilli also attends as a ‘stunt dog’ acting out some of the emergencies that trainees must respond to in order to pass the qualification. 

Chilli has been taking part in all that I do since she was ten weeks old and I am so proud of her, she has helped to save so many lives in her first aid work.

As well as Chilli’s showbizzy exploits I also attended the sunny and fabulous Goodwoof Festival volunteering with Jai Dog Rescue and earlier in the month the Natural Dog Expo in Solihull, where I had a stand all about canine first aid, it’s beginning to feel like summer with plenty of exciting plans on the way too. 

So, with the holiday season in mind, for my top tips this time, I would like to remind readers about the dangers of some favourite foods for our dogs. We all like a treat in the holidays, but some of the things that are a treat for us can be dangerous for our pets: 

Chocolate – Of course for us humans the holidays are all about enjoying our favourite foods, and for many of us that is of course chocolate! But keep these treats away from your dog because chocolate contains the chemical theobromine, which is highly toxic to dogs and can cause death. If you think your dog may have eaten chocolate, see a vet straight away. 
If you would like to treat your dog this holiday season, why not consider a meaty chew such as a chicken’s foot or pigs’ ear? 

Foil – Getting ready for a picnic or family meal this holiday season there is a good chance that foil will be involved, but ingesting dropped foil can be dangerous for your pet causing a blockage or a choking hazard. You can dispose of foil in your recycling bin, or even reuse it, but please keep it away from your pet and check for any that may have been dropped by children in your home. 

Chicken bones – If your holiday meat of choice is chicken be careful not to give your dog any of the bones. They can splinter and cause serious problems in your dog’s digestive system. If your dog has eaten chicken and starts displaying symptoms such as diarrhoea, stomach pain, vomiting or lethargy see the vet straight away as they may have eaten a bone. 

Dried fruits – Kids love currants, sultanas and raisins, but make sure that they don’t drop any, as they can cause fatal kidney failure in your pet. Consult a vet if you suspect your dog may have eaten one. Also beware of dropped snacks, particularly in a party environment where children are present. 

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