Ingredient of the Month: Linseed

Linseed, otherwise known as Flax, can offer a wide range of support for health and wellbeing for your Westie.

Linseed is an oilseed crop that is one of the earliest used by man. Whilst, in the past, there was the need to boil it, modern varieties and processing techniques mean the product has gained interest as a safe and useful feed ingredient due to its unique profile.

Generally, linseed provides high quality nutrition, and is regarded as beneficial to performance, condition, skin, coat, and general health. Being a high protein, high oil & low starch product, its profile fits with the dietary needs of dogs like Westies, that are not fully suited to the starchy component that some feeds provide.

Beyond that, there are specifics that are well suited to dogs that have an active lifestyle, like many Westies do. The profile of the protein, coupled with its Arginine content, is particularly appropriate to skeletal muscle building, recovery and regeneration meaning that any muscle loss due to exercise is quickly replaced.

The oil profile in linseed is also beneficial; where most vegetable oils are high in Polyunsaturated fats (PUFA), linseed is unique in its high levels of omega-3 and linolenic acid which can help to regulate the inflammation cycle. As such, feeding your Westie linseed can support anti-inflammatory systems, especially those involved in joint dysfunction and skin allergies.! Additionally, the relationship between omegas 3, 6 and 9 support immune and structural processes.

Even the fibre has functional properties; linseed fibre has a high proportion of soluble fibres, including pectins that support gut linings and have prebiotic properties.

Beyond this linseed has a range of bioactive compounds which help vascular structure, and others which are strong antioxidants that help reduce oxidative stress.

Overall, Linseed is an important ingredient in your Westie’s feed, providing good quality nutrition for your four-legged best friend.

You can include Linseed in your Westie’s diet with TurmerEase™ from The Golden Paste Company. Try from as little as £0.29 per day for a 15kg dog!

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