New Year, New You

As we head towards the end of 2021, it’s important to visualise and strive for what kind of new year you want, writes Rachel Bolton.

All of us have the opportunity to re-create the world in the image of light, goodness, peace, and joy if only we would start with ourselves. We are all droplets in a mighty ocean and when each droplet knows itself to be the light of the world we will shine together and change the world for the better.

You owe it to yourself, your Westie, your family, friends, and the world to look on the brighter side of life. You were not born with the feeling of doom and gloom. You were born with a spark that radiates love, joy, passion, and excitement for the exploration of life.

You were born into this world to learn to use your energy and to create your life and everything in it. But we need to remember that our creations originate within our mind, imagination, and are influenced by our beliefs.

If you believe the world to be safe, peaceful, and abundant, your inner creator will help you experience this. If you believe in the opposite, that is what you will find, and the validation will come through all channels of life.

As you know, puppies need training to help them become good canine citizens of this world. We do not let them run wild as they require boundaries and are grateful that you step up to help them in this way. The same approach could be taken with your mind.

Changing your thoughts and beliefs is possible as you have created so much already, but the beliefs might not be serving you. Here are a few examples of how belief systems can cause havoc with your dreams and desires. I am not worthy. So, what happens? Your inner creator validates this notion, and so you go about your life punishing yourself in all ways. Another, I am guilty of past actions and so in some ways, you do not allow yourself happiness or success. Or I am not good enough, so you fail.

You may affirm that you are successful, happy, healthy and that the world is full of joy, but if deep-seated beliefs are not working for you, they end up working against you. Go on a truthful archeological dig with your beliefs. Write them out and be so very, very honest with yourself getting to the heart of the matter. Once you have found the hidden gems you can start to change your beliefs and begin to affirm the wonder of all that you are. For example. I am worthy. I am unique. I am allowed to succeed. I am happy and healthy. I am at peace. The list could go on and on. Keep affirming your self-worth and validating the wonder of who you are throughout your days that make up your life, keeping an eye on your beliefs about all things.

Your inner world does not know the difference between what you imagine, and what is happening in the outside world. Spend at least fifteen minutes a day visualizing with ease and grace what you want to happen in your life and the world at large. Really feel into the imagery and all the sensations as if it were here already here. The best thing about all of this is your inner creator does the work for you. It goes to work on what you believe and imagine. You do not need to work anything out. You hold the picture in your mind and practice every day. The next step is to spontaneously act on inspiration and an inner knowing that comes to you day by day which will eventually lead you to what you envision. But you have to act on that knowing and inspiration.  Do not be worried about making mistakes. Just act and adjust as you go along. The whole process will eventually reduce stress as you let go of continuously trying to work out what to do to get what you want.  It may be tricky to hold the vision when you first start the visualizing process. If you practice every day finer details will naturally come to you.

A vision book can support your visualization process. Cut and paste images from magazines, books, or computer printouts. Use anything as long as it reflects what you want for your life and the world. There is no need to think about the resources you may need to get what you want or the opportunities that need to occur for your dreams to come true. Just keep cutting and pasting and looking at the book every day and doing your inner visualization work.

By exercising your creative genius not only are you creating worlds in the image of love, but you are also removing your attention from negative happenings which in effect starves them of energy and so supports great change.

When you are in the right frame of mind and living your divine truth, acting with love and compassion, and sharing your gifts with the world you have helped change the world for the better. 

With a smile on your face, peace in your heart, and visions of pure bliss for now and always in all ways, remember you are a true co-creator of worlds.

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