Resounding Success for the Natural Dog Expo

This is the second event of alternative healthcare

The second Natural Dog Expo captured the moment in a soaring interest in alternative healthcare.

The Expo again delivered a panel of world-class Veterinary speakers highlighting consistent messages including “you are what you eat’ and adopting the preventative “precautionary principle’.

Relaying the health concerns of a ‘body burden’ from overly processed foods, over medication and parasiticide treatments, and much more.

Timed as the UK Government presses forwards with its landmark investigation of the British Veterinary profession, its perhaps no coincidence that there’s surge in interest to become more informed and embrace an ‘integrative’ approach.

Organised by Pet Industry Nutrition Consultant, Caroline Griffith, who combines her experience spanning over 20 years delivering events that empower pet owners.

As Caroline explains: “I believe it’s now vital we optimise natural veterinary health and I am thrilled that the second Natural Dog Expo exceeded expectations, setting a precedent for pet guardians and healthcare professionals alike”.

Doubling in capacity in a year, over 300 delegates learnt from Veterinary leaders in their field on topical issue namely species appropriate nutrition and the latest science on the canine microbiome.

The ‘full house’ triggered perhaps by owners wanting to transfer their own interests in eating unprocessed foods and / or opting for complementary therapies to their dog.

Other drivers could be owners/guardians having been ‘burnt’ in the past perhaps by over medication, the long-terms effects of an overly processed sterile diet, or by discovering too late that dogs’ do not need annual booster vaccinations.

As Co-sponsor, Mersey Raw’s, Managing Director, Ben McIntyre explained:

“It was so rewarding to meet a packed room full of delegates either already tuned into feeding raw, or eager to begin a switch over using Mersey. The feedback from the ‘Expo’ has been terrific, proof that our raw balanced and complete formulas are making a positive contribution to dogs nationwide. The event gave us the perfect platform to highlight our passion for raising the bar on feeding raw highlighting our own manufacturing and our commitment to bringing interesting combinations for dogs to enjoy. Roll on next year! We’re excited to be supporting the Natural Dog Expo for a second time!”

Offering a platform for companies and services to share and network, Co-sponsors Leucillin enthused:

“It’s been an honour to sponsor the Natural Dog Expo for the second year, this unique event has everything the canine health enthusiastic and professional could want, common sense education driven by science not profit, paired with entertainment, personality and passion for every element of keeping our four legged family at the peak of health as naturally as possible, it’s a real joy to be a part of, huge thank you from Team Leucillin to the organisers, speakers and of course all the delegates for making it such a great day! “

The Natural Dog Expo was hosted by Behaviour and Nutrition Expert, Anna Webb, whose award-nominated podcast, A Dog’s Life, is celebrated for de-bunking modern canine healthcare myths, presenting a view in line with the Natural Dog Expo on an integrative approach based on the ‘precautionary principle.’

The Natural Dog Expo returns on Sunday 27th April 2025

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