Are You Passing on Stress to your Dog?

It’s vital to work on your own emotions to help the wellbeing of your Westie

Use eco-friendly cleaning products to nurture your home and to support the health of yourself, your dog, and mother earth”.

Your dog is sharing your physical, emotional, and spiritual life on a very deep level. You cannot bottle your emotions up convinced that your dog will remain unaffected by what you are feeling.  Imagine that they have an internal bucket to collect stress. You might not affect them in the beginning but eventually, if your stress levels remain high for some time, their bucket will become full until they are overwhelmed by it all. This will show itself through emotional and physical dis-ease or behavioural problems. They are continuously mirroring back to you so much of your inner world.

You are a divine being that is all energy, and you experience your life depending on what frequency you resonate with.  We believe our bodies and the world around us to be solid but, we are a moving mass of consciousness. Think of yourself as a beacon that is continuously broadcasting who and how you are. The Universe then responds to that. If you are stressed about something, you send out signals that say these are my beliefs of what my world is like, it then becomes your reality.  Therefore, we need to become aware of our deep-rooted belief systems and more than anything we need to celebrate the goodness of all that we are.

Here are a few ways to moderate your stress and to work through belief systems to support you and your dog through joy:

Avoid the news. Constant TV, radio, and social media will only validate your fears and add to the momentum of your stress.

Feed both you and your Westie a natural diet, organic when possible.  Enjoy foods that are full of nutrition and water including fruit and vegetables. Think of food as a vibration that feeds you both on an energetic level rather than ingesting food just to satiate an appetite.  As well, reduce heavy, and greasy food.

Avoid stimulants such as coffee, caffeinated tea, alcohol, cigarettes, recreational drugs, and sugar. Ensure your dog does not consume junk food.

Keep hydrated every day.  Drink at least 10 cups of good quality water on top of all other drinks that you might consume. The water helps you embody more light and to let go of all that no longer serves you. Treat your dog to a ceramic bowl rather than a metal one as the water is affected by the aluminum.  Also, refresh your dog’s water bowl at least three times a day.

Sit in contemplation with your dog or meditate every day to align to your higher self.

Take walks in wild places allowing you and your Westie to connect with the wildness of Mother Earth. Take off your shoes and even put your hands on the earth, sit next to a tree and feel into the oneness and joy of life.

Try to get at least an hour of sunshine and daylight on as much of your bodies as possible.

Regularly experience rivers, oceans, or lakes, as they help to clear your mind, body, and spirit of denser energies. A shoreline is very powerful place, so sitting on the edge of a river or near the ocean is perfect.

Think of your home as sacred. Create a beautiful, clear, and clean place for you both to live and thrive in.

Be as consciously creative as you can be in a day. This means whatever you are doing, from washing the dishes to painting a picture consciously reach for your higher self all the time.

Ensure you and your dog have clean bedding at least once a week. Energy needs to be cleared and cleansed all the time.

Use eco-friendly cleaning products to nurture your home and to support the health of yourself, your dog, and Mother Earth.

Celebrate your strengths and successes in life. Bring in the frequency of times and events that have worked out for you.  Memories of when you have worked through obstacles and when you have felt relaxed. This all helps to change your frequency which in turn supports your dog.

Self-love. The more you accept all that you are in any given moment you support the spiritual evolution that is going on within and without. Your dog will be super happy with this one!

Keep a daily journal to help you get out of your head and into the heart of the matter.

Keep a dream journal as it will help you connect with all that you are – a multi-dimensional being living out many lives at once, all of which can support your life in the here and now.

Ensure you are deep breathing every day. You can lay on your back with your dog or just sit by their side.  You will probably hear them sigh as you start to relax more and more.

Use your imagination daily.  Maybe create a vision book where you can paste images of your dreams and desires.  Add to it all the time and look at it daily. It will help to keep you both in a joyful place.

Write out your deep-seated beliefs and start to work through them. Letting go of guilt and shame are two big ones! This will help to transform the lives of you and your dog.

Watch your thoughts, words, and actions in any given moment and continuously ask yourself, is this a light thought or a dense thought?

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