Mylo and Finn; Lots of Exciting Adventures for These Best Buddies

Carol Inglis reveals the routine of her beloved Westie and Scottie.

All images supplied by Carol Inglis

Having pondered over the idea of getting ‘A’ dog for as long as we can remember, never in a million years did we think we would end up with two gorgeous furries – Mylo (the Westie – from Hastings) then six months later Finn (the Scottie/Westie mix from Wales).  Both are affectionately known as ‘The Hairy Hooligans’.  Our only regret is that we wish we had decided to take the plunge sooner. From day one it has been complete love at first sight, and we are now nearly seven years down the line.

Before breakfast, which is normally around 8am, Finn is always the first one up at the crack of dawn (a light sleeper like Dad) anywhere between 5am and 6am, to see if Mum is awake (customary face lick at this point) so that he can proceed to carry out the first of his many mandatory patrols around the garden checking for any unwanted predators. Meanwhile, Mylo (a deep sleeper like Mum) is more than happy to stay put on Mum’s bed snoring his face off or maybe he is simply ignoring Mum’s calls (the classic selective hearing thing,) to come downstairs for a sniff of fresh air and chase any birds (possibly even a cat) within close range (it wouldn’t be the first time!)

Most mornings consist of jumping into Mum’s car and then we head off to our favourite park – the Duchess of Hamilton in Motherwell.  This park was the first experience we had of Mylo rolling in poop! The first of many I hasten to add so not pleasant.  In the park, they love to sniff every blade of grass, run around chasing birds and get to meet other furry friends.  Finn is so nimble on his feet and can run at the speed of a whippet. It never ceases to amaze me how fast he can run.  Just watching them having their kind of fun makes my heart burst with joy.

Mum sometimes has to work from her office in Edinburgh, which means the hooligans get to spend a day at their doggie creche; the same creche from when they were both 16 weeks old. They love it and their Auntie Monica gives the hooligans such a warm welcome when they arrive.  Their fresh raw food meals, lovingly prepared by Mum, are kept in the fridge at the creche as feeding times are spread out over the course of the day.  The expression ‘Meals on Wheels’ is springing to mind!  Mum returns after her busy day to collect two suitably knackered pups before they collapse into a heap during the drive home.

Evening times are pretty chilled especially after a day at the creche with cuddles on the sofa. There are lots of chats about who they met and what games they played.  Around 9pm, Mum gets the hard stare to tell her it’s that time of the day for a last meal, a wander round the garden for toilet duties, followed by bedtime.

Tomorrow is another day for more excitement and adventures.

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