A Day in the Life of Archy Barkalot & Miss Popsiepants.

Plenty Of ‘westitute’ here! Jenny Turner reveals how her two Westies run her life

Every day I wake up at 8am when my alarm goes off. I look around my bed to see two beautiful little rolled up white fluffy balls. As I dose back off, the two fluffy balls decide it’s time for Mummy to get up and prepare breakfast. My face is licked, and I’m rolled on. I laugh and say, ‘let’s go’, and suddenly two white hairy bodies seem to fly through the air and get to the door before me. Down the stairs they race, dancing at the patio doors with almost human-like sounds, saying, ‘let me out I need a wee’, as they go zoomies at 100 miles an hour only to return barking very loudly after letting all the neighbours know they are about to have breakfast.

Then it’s up to Nanny’s room to wake her up by jumping on her bed. After Nanny’s bed bath these two furry white scallywags sit and wait while Nanny has her breakfast as she might accidentally-on-purpose drop something nice to eat. Nanny all sorted, back downstairs. Maybe today we might travel in Mummy’s Campervan, our favourite form of transport to go see our Besties the Westies who live in the countryside.

All strapped in, we head off down the motorway. These two scallywags know exactly where we are and bark excitedly all the way to my friend’s house. Getting out of the Camper is no easy task but I have mastered it well. Lifting one out whilst holding back the other, they pull Mummy so fast to the door that I don’t need legs as I’m almost flying. Waiting for their arrival are their best pals – the Three Amigos. As we enter the bungalow it’s so funny to watch five dancing Westies greet each other. They are now called the Famous Five and I’ve never seen five Westies love each other so much. Together they are a clan.

My two are Archybarkalot and Miss Popsiepants and the Three Amigos are Roobie Roo who is definitely in charge, Radley, and Rozie Posie. After lots of excitement they all settle down and usually have hundreds of photos taken by their Mums. As the day goes on, we may go for an adventure to the pub or to their favourite place – the Garden Centre. This adventure usually consists of all five in a shopping trolley with every customer stopping us and believe me they just love the attention! Back to my friend’s house we may stay the night, or we may return home but whatever happens I know they have had the best time being spoiled with treats, cuddles, and lots of playing, barking, running around and doing what healthy little Westies do. As we turn into our road Archybarkalot lives up to his name and lets the whole neighbourhood know we are home. Time to jump on Nanny’s bed again to say good night while Mummy puts Nanny to bed. Into Mummy’s room they race only to jump on the bed and mess up all the covers until they finally settle down in their crocodile-shaped beds for a good night’s sleep. Goodnight my sweethearts, I say, and if they are not too sleepy, I may get kisses and a cuddle. This is a day in the life of my little scallywags! Yes, scallywags, but I love them to the moon and back.

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