The Innocent Hound Industry Profile


The Innocent Hound is a family-run business based in West Yorkshire, who specialise in producing the finest air-dried treats and food for dogs.

Founded in a family kitchen back in 2013, The Innocent Hound’s aim is to offer healthy, nutritious treats using quality British ingredients. From wild Scottish venison to line-caught tuna, each recipe is handmade in small batches and gently air-dried up to seven days with the company’s bespoke drying system.

Managing Director Chloe Heaton said: “People today care more and more about the food they buy for themselves – where it comes from, whether it is healthy and the welfare of the animals their food comes from. At The Innocent Hound, we believe these values should be reflected when buying food for our pets too. That is why our sausages are made with 80% British meat, sustainably sourced with the highest animal welfare standards. We aim to produce the very best treats and food for pets.”

Innocent is paving the way in innovation within the dog food industry; recently winning ‘Best New Dog Food Product’ for its British Lamb Casserole air-dried complete dog food and ‘Highly Commended’ for its unique Birthday Cake Mix for dogs – a DIY mix made with grain-free flour and British duck sprinkles.

The award-winning air-dried food forms a new category in the dog food market; not cooked or wet, but with the convenience of a kibble and nutritional quality of raw dog food.

Giving back

As well as offering a range of healthy treats for the nation’s pets, Innocent also works hard behind the scenes to look after rescue hounds across the country. In 2019, the business was able to donate over 400KG of their Charity Chunks to over 40 different animal rescues – treats produced as a result of the zero-treat waste policy.

Chloe commented: “Our three hounds Bongo, Mash and Ziggy (13, 7 and just turned 1) are all rescues so it’s a cause that we feel very close to. We turn any leftover meat from production runs or trials into our Charity Chunks – they’re still every bit as delicious as our product ranges and we’re able to offer something a little bit special for hounds in need.”

To find out more about The Innocent Hound, go to www.theinnocenthound.co.uk or search The Innocent Hound on social media.