Naked Dog Launches Westie Appeal

If your furry friend suffers with skin issues a change in diet could be the key.

Is your dog suffering from skin problems? Perhaps you’ve got a yeasty Westie? Is your dog fed kibble but you fancy giving raw food a go? If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’ then this could be the perfect opportunity for your West Highland Terrier.

We all know that Westies can be prone to allergies and skin problems so a nutritionist from Naked Dog is offering free advice and free raw food for a minimum of one month to track the progress of your dog’s journey on his journey to healthier skin.

All you have to do is keep a daily diary and photos of your Westie, which we will publish each month, showing us your pup on his road to physical improvement.

Naked Dog is a high-quality raw food that provides a balanced and nutritious complete meal – essential for a dog’s well-being and vitality. We all know that Westies can be prone to skin issues and a nutritionist from Naked Dog will provide a free consultation to discuss the dog’s overall health and requirements and will tailor-make a diet specifically for your furry friend.

Email caroline@ndfd.co.uk with high-resolution photos of your dog’s skin condition and your contact details.

Photo caption: Image supplied by d2creative.